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Lake Trasimeno, Vittoria Aganoor Pompilj´s source of inspiration

Guido Pompilj had a large terrace with a wide view over the lake constructed for his wife, Vittoria Aganoor Pompilj.

That terrace on the third floor of Villa Aganoor Pompilj became one of her favourite places and it is reported that it was here, where she wrote most of her poems, Lake Trasimeno being her infinite source of inspiration.

Vittoria Aganoor Pompilj´s view over Lake Trasimeno

The view over the rooftops of Monte del Lago and Lake Trasimeno has almost remained unchanged since it was a source of inspiration for Vittoria Aganoor Pompilj.

Imagine sitting here, trying to find words for the permanently changing hues of light in the air on the lake, the islands and the distant mountains, Monte Bettona and Monte Amiata.

Try to describe the movement of the restless waters, the storm-tossed waves or the ripples caused by a gentle breeze…

Vittoria Aganoor Pompilj´s terrace still exists and enjoying the view over the lake from here you will easily understand, why she was inspired so much from its beauty.














Hommage to Victoria Aganoor Pompilj

One of my sculptures in the Garden of Poetry  I named “Domani!”, “Tomorrow!”.

“Domani” is the title of a poem by Vittoria Aganoor Pompilj. Here are the first lines of her poem

Garden of Poetry, Domani, Tomorrow



Tomorrow! Unknown sorceress,
imagination wraps you in garments
of joy or sorrow
because she constantly deceives us;
Eternal Sphinx, which grants all
and all is possible…





Originally I intended to make sculptures describing some of Vittoria Aganoor Pompilj´s poems, but I discovered quickly that this meant reaching for the unreachable star.

Most of her poems are fairly long and it was not possible to grasp the words and meaning of an entire poem in one sculpture.

I had the feeling my sculptures could be described better by short poems (rather like a haiku) than by trying to use a long poem.

Yet of course I wanted to honour Vittoria Aganoor Pompilj.

Finally after searching through a lot of her poems I found the first lines of “Domani” which fitted very well with the sculpture of a woman´looking far over Lake Trasimeno and the Umbrian hills.

So this is my hommage apart naturally of the artshow as a whole which in my eyes also is a hommage of its own.