“Garden of Poetry”, The Skin of the Water

“Garden of Poetry”, The Skin of the Water

Garden of Poetry, "The Skin of the Water"

Garden of Poetry, “The Skin of the Water” , marble

Water, air, fire, light are the inspiration for many of my art works. I try to explore the transitions from the heavy, solid, seemingly eternal material stone to something volatile, vulnerable permanently changing. Of course this explorations have limits (unfortunately) but I try to come as close as possible to my ideal.

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2 thoughts on ““Garden of Poetry”, The Skin of the Water

  1. Elke Kaiser

    When I first saw Wolfgang Sandt’s sculptures in 2010 I was directly touched without being able to explain why.

    Then I came over to La Rogaia again in 2013. I entered the garden looking at the sculptures planted in the wonderful surroundings. Inmediately I felt really excited. There was something charming I have always been after wanting to disclose in art and nature.

    Finally I took into my hands Wolfgang’s excellently designed book “Garden of Poetry” and while looking and reading over and over again I found out why I had been impressed so much. I felt compelled to reflect on oppositions in the Real World counterbalancing themselves in the Field of Art:
    – the fragile stone between firmness and impending burst (“Fragile Stele”),
    – the extraordinary harmony between movement and immobility (“The Skin
    of the Water”, “a boat created by the waters”, “le ali del tramonto”),
    – the many “Synaesthesien” like “onde in fiamme”, “un alito de tristezza”,
    “the light over the lake tangible”.

    This work of art “Light over the Lake” became my absolute favourite among all of Wolfgang’s sculptures and poems in his “Garden of Poetry”.
    To me it shows the most successful amalgamation of sculpture and poetry at its highest level evocating the famous “goose-flesh”.

    Elke Kaiser

  2. Wolfgang Post author

    Dear Elke,

    thank you very much for your comment. I really appreciate it and I am happy that the book means something to you.

    Un grande abbraccio


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