Garden of Poetry, Dreaming of Trasimeno

Imagine a hot summers day on the shore of Trasimeno Lake in Umbria.

You´re lying on a warm rock watching the sunlit waters.

There is almost no wind even the waves hardly make a sound.

Your eyes are closed but in spite of this you see reflections of light, blue, red, golden…beautiful. You are as relaxed as can be.

Garden of Poetry, Wolfgang Sandt, Dreaming of Trasimeno

Garden of Poetry, Dreaming of Trasimeno

I travelled
In a boat
Created by the waters
Of the lake itself.
Around me
I immersed myself
In that sweet abyss
Waking up
A breath
Of sadness


After a while you wake up and realise you had fallen asleep.

All you saw was just a dream…





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