The artist Wolfgang Sandt

Wolfgang Sandt, German artist with a love for Italy, works mainly with stone but also with wood and several other materials, integrating also objéts trouvées in his sculptures. His works are as well representational as non-figurative .


The artist Wolfgang Sandt working on a sculpture

The artist Wolfgang Sandt working on a sculpture

For many years he has been occupying himself with the theme of „fragility“, questioning the importance of seemingly unchanging values and realities. One result of this research are his “fragile stelae”, long, slender, elegant and always on the rim of breaking : “The artist always has to go to the extremes.”

Wolfgang Sandt is fascinated by the contrast of the weight of the material (stone) and the lightness of the form. He is aiming for the connection between sky and earth.

Another contrast in his work emerges from the solidity of stone and the impalbability of light. Wolfgang Sandt succeeds in working the stone so delicately that it becomes translucent, thus literally creating “lightstones”.

In his recent works he created a cycle of stone houses. Yet what kind of houses are these?       Houses on wheels, “mobile homes”, ready to leave their position at any time. Heading for an unknown destiny. Houses with points of fracture and in all kinds of precarious situations. And once again the seemingly secure is put to question, sometimes not without a wink of the eye.

Corrado Attili MA , (Translation Dr. A. Greifenhagen)

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