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Have you ever been to Orvieto?

Orvieto is an ancient Umbrian town, one of the main towns of the ancient Etruscans. It is built on a huge flat sandstone rock, towering like a cliff over the surrounding plain of the river Chiana.
Once this was a safe place providing protection against enemies.

Unfortunately the sandstone is rather soft and during the centuries continued to crumble away.
Houses on the edge of the town fell into the abyss when the rock below them collapsed.
This precarious situation inspired me to create my sculpture and poem “Orvieto”.

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garden of poetry, orvieto



Ancient town

Proud on your fragile throne

Expecting anxiously

The new morning


My home is my castle, isn´t it… About my house sculptures

My home is my castle.

This says a lot about what our home, our house is standing for.

House, for most of us this is a synonym for security, for feeling safe and protected. The place where we can feel relaxed and at ease.

So what happens if this feelings are put into question? What when the very foundations of our homes are at risk, like in my little hommage to Goethe “My peace has gone”?

Wolfgang Sandt, Garden of Poetry

My home is my castle. But what happens if my home´s very foundations are shattered?


What happens when the house of our soul has no entrance or exit, only a small window allowing us to have only a limited view of the world outside, like in “The house of the soul (for Guido Pompilj) ” ?


About the things that inspire my art work

I am asked fairly often what inspires me to create my sculptures.

Wolfgang Sandt, sculptor, My desire is to transform the seemingly solid material stone in something ethereal

My desire is to transform the seemingly solid material stone (here you see the detail of a marble sculpture) in something ethereal


A question most probably every artist is familiar with.

Well, when it comes to my translucent sculptures the answer is easy. I am inspired by the sky, the clouds, by water in all its shapes, as well as by fire.

I am fascinated by the movement, the permanent change, the things that escape your grip.

I realise, that in some way it may seem a parodox trying to capture all this rigidly in solid stone..

My intention however is contrary. I don´t want to press the sky or the water into a rigid form.

Rather I desire to transform the seemingly solid substance stone into something moving, changing, ethereal…

Of course I know this is not really possible, but I try to come as near as possible to the “unreachable star”.







Hommage to Victoria Aganoor Pompilj

One of my sculptures in the Garden of Poetry  I named “Domani!”, “Tomorrow!”.

“Domani” is the title of a poem by Vittoria Aganoor Pompilj. Here are the first lines of her poem

Garden of Poetry, Domani, Tomorrow



Tomorrow! Unknown sorceress,
imagination wraps you in garments
of joy or sorrow
because she constantly deceives us;
Eternal Sphinx, which grants all
and all is possible…





Originally I intended to make sculptures describing some of Vittoria Aganoor Pompilj´s poems, but I discovered quickly that this meant reaching for the unreachable star.

Most of her poems are fairly long and it was not possible to grasp the words and meaning of an entire poem in one sculpture.

I had the feeling my sculptures could be described better by short poems (rather like a haiku) than by trying to use a long poem.

Yet of course I wanted to honour Vittoria Aganoor Pompilj.

Finally after searching through a lot of her poems I found the first lines of “Domani” which fitted very well with the sculpture of a woman´looking far over Lake Trasimeno and the Umbrian hills.

So this is my hommage apart naturally of the artshow as a whole which in my eyes also is a hommage of its own.









Wings, Ali del Tramonto

Wings, the first sculpture I made for the exhibition and the first poem which came to my mind..

Wings, the first sculpture I made for the exhibition and the first poem which came to my mind..

Wings, Ali del Tramonto

Sundown spreads its wings
Waves in flames
Last salute
Then the lake
In the robe of shadow

And here is what inspired me to make this sculpture.

Wolfgang Sandt, Garden of  Poetry

I get the inspiration for my sculptures from the sky and the clouds. Transforming the solid marble into something ethereal is what I aim for.



And sometimes the sky seems more solid than the stone…