Garden of Poetry, my personal guarantee

Garden of Poetry, my personal guarantee

I am doing a fundraising campaign for my book "Garden of Poetry". Can you help me?

You may ask yourself what happens if we don´t reach the goal for the funding. Is the money lost? Do I still get the perk I wanted?

Well, the answer is easy.

Actually I have two answers.

Answer number one: I am convinced that we will reach the goal. There are still 44 days and I will certainly do everything to make it happen.

Answer number two: In the unlikely case that we do not reach the funding goal completely, with todays possibilities of printing I have the possibility to make a  book for everyone who claimed it as a perk (inluding marble case made by myself if you choose that option). Of course I don´t aim for a tiny mini edition of the “Garden of Poetry” book, but nobody who contributes will be left without the perk they wanted.

It is also understood, that everyone who makes a smaller contribution (25 Dollar) will receive a hand-signed photograph with a poem.

And of course everybody who makes a real big contribution and wants to have a sculpting class in Italy with me will receive it.

So don´t worry. You are 100 percent covered by my guarantee.


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